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We have a little break here while the Pelicans get situated in a new home!  Next up will be STANFORD in just a few weeks!


WIMBLEDON Bracket Challenge

W W W W Wimmmmbledon!  The brackets are open!


The winner of each bracket challenge receives a genuine Wimbledon 'face cloth' towel!  They are 30 x 30 cm and are soft and gorgeous.  A must-have for when you get sweaty on the court!


Check Results: Women!

Check Results: Men!

Our bracket starts in the 4th Round.  4th round matches begin Monday, June 30, so please make your picks before the start of play!


Who's Ready For EASTBOURNE?

Hope you enjoyed your week off from bracket challenges, but it's time to get going again.  Please

Check Results for the LTA Aegon International!

Mmhmm, there will be a PRIZE: a bag of Sugarpova Spooky Sour!

Watch Out, I Bite!


ROLAND GARROS Bracket Challenges!

Our WOMEN'S bracket starts in the round-of-16 (4th round).  The top half is open now, with the remaining opponents TBD after tomorrow's play.

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Women's Prize: A Roland Garros Notebook & Pro Pelican Pen!


Our MEN'S bracket starts in the round-of-16 (4th round).  The lower half is open now, with the remaining opponents TBD after tomorrow's play.

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Men's Prize:  A tennis notepad & Pro Pelican Pen!


Remember, by playing you are also be entered to win a Grand Prize in our yearlong sweepstakes and contest!  Learn More


French Open Rain Delay = Snack Time

It’s gonna happen.  You’ve cleared your schedule for a marathon of tennis tv viewing.  Just when you're settled into a match...RATS!… the crowd starts popping their Roland Garros umbrellas and pretty soon it’s rain delay!  It may be 15 minutes.  It may be an hour.  What to do?   

Music:  Take a break from posting your virtual moans on Twitter and pull up your iTunes or Pandora app.  Create a radio station with your favorite French artist.  Don’t have one?  Suggestions: Vanessa Paradise, France Gall, Johnny Halliday or Edith Piaf

Depending on the time of day here are a few snack/meal/drink ideas that can be made quickly and easily. (But do your food shopping ahead of time!)   

French toast: Add your favorite fruit to this recipe

Omelet: Add your choice of vegetable and/or cheese.

Ham and Cantaloupe

Salad:  Prepare your salad any way we you want, but make your own dressing with this simple recipe.

Sandwich: Make a warm yummy Monte Cristo with ham, turkey and swiss cheese.


Is it cocktail time yet?  If it’s still early, make this low alcohol version: Wine cooler

Ready for wine: indulge in Sancerre, Beaujolais, an Alsace Reisling or champagne.  (Add crème de cassis to make it a Kir)

I love this simple, but special dessert:  Baked Apples (Pommes Bonne Femme)

Cheese plate +: 

Cut your baguettes, bake some brie and nibble on the camembert while you wait.  Add figs and dried apricots to make it healthy.  Throw some olives in a snacking bowl too.

French Bread Pizza:   Again – toppings are optional and there are a few yummy suggestions here:

Enjoy!  When the tennis returns you'll have a good snack on hand.


Also see our previous Tartine post