Pro Pelican Bracket Challenges Update

Dear Pelican Friends,

We have had so much fun hosting bracket challenges for WTA, ATP, and Grand Slam tennis tournaments for over 5 years. We are thankful that we’ve made friends with some of the greatest tennis fans across the globe. Whether here in North America, across the Atlantic in Europe, down in South America, or across the Pacific in Asia and Australia, we have been honored to serve tennis fans in 5 continents with our unique round by round bracket challenges, and we've appreciated the privilege we've been honored with in getting to know you. Your infectious love of tennis made each tournament that much more fun to watch. We thank you for coming to us each week to share your tennis experience.

As a young married couple in Brooklyn, New York, Sundays were always reserved for watching the latest tennis final. Our vacations were planned around tournaments: Miami, Paris, London. Each week we printed WTA paper brackets, filled them in at our dinner table and competed against each other. (The ATP hosted online brackets, that we loved, but there were no options for WTA). While watching pelicans flying overhead during the Miami Open and checking our printed draw sheets – we decided – there must be an easier way, and there must be other people who want that as much as did. So we set out to create that place. It was obvious that pelicans wanted to play tennis, and Pro Pelican Tennis was born.

Our first full year of brackets was 2012. It was also the year we found out we were having our first baby. Within hours of entering the world in January 2013, our daughter was watching Azarenka take the Australian Open title on a laptop computer in a New York City hospital bed (okay we dozed off before the trophy ceremony at approximately 5 a.m. – but it had been an extra long night!). While pregnant with our second child, we heard our daughter speak her 4th word - “Rafa!” - during the 2014 Roland Garros final.

As our children grow into their own host of social and athletic activities, it’s getting harder to find the resources to keep our day jobs, enjoy parenting and do the sizable amount of manual work which the bracket challenges require. While proud of what we built, we just cannot shoulder the expense, neither in time nor money, even after our Sugarpova sponsorship, in order to continue for the time being. So with that, sadly, we must announce that we are not going to host brackets this year.

We will continue with and hope to grow other functions of Pro Pelican Tennis, and we will absolutely remain active in the global tennis community, which we will always love.

Thank you for reading... and GO RAFA!


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