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New Music From The Pet Shop Boys!

As we wait for our next tournament, Doha, please enjoy some new Pet Shop Boys music!

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Not to brag...

...but we won the Australian Open Men's Suicide Pool!  Look - we even got a digital medal!

AOSP Winner

Pro Pelican: AOSP Winner
Australian Open Suicide Pool Winner. Issue time: Yesterday 04:43 PM
Issue reason: For winning the 2016 Australian Open Men's Suicide Pool--and beating the draw!

And... this follows our 2015 Wimbledon, as seen here!

WSP Winner

Pro Pelican: WSP Winner
Wimbledon Suicide Pool Winner. Issue time: 07-12-2015 03:35 PM
Issue reason: For winning the 2015 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Suicide Pool--and beating the draw.



GREAT NEWS!  Thanks to our new association with Sugarpova, we're expanding our prizes this year!  In addition to rewarding players who earn the most points on our yearlong Power Pelican Leaderboard, we're also offering a sweepstakes prize to a randomly selected player.  See our Power Pelican Contest page for more details.  Thanks for playing and good luck!

Grand Prize (to the player with the most points):

Sugarpova Sweet & Tart Tower Tall

Sweepstakes Prize (to a randomly selected player):

Sugarpova Sweet & Tart Tower Short

Have A Sweet Day


Pro Pelican Australian Open Bracket - Open NOW!

As usual, we start our bracket in the 4th round, when the tournement gets most exciting!  Please come back on Friday afternoon (EST), Jan. 22, to make your Men's & Women's picks.

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Women's Prize: Sugarpova

Men's Prize: Sugarpova