Power Pelican Contest & Sweepstakes 2016

Power Pelican Contest & Sweepstakes 2016

Once again this year we are offering more ways for tennis fans to enjoy our bracket challenges - winning prizes!

Starting with the Brisbane Open, we will be running a yearlong leaderboard for all of our Bracket Challenges.  The player who amasses the most points will win a GRAND PRIZE.  Second place through tenth place finishers will also win a prize. 

GRAND PRIZE: Sugarpova Sweet & Tart Tower Tall (There's No Such Thing As Too Much Tennis)

The person who scores the most points in the year end leaderboardwill win the GRAND PRIZE

2ND & 3RD PLACE PRIZES: TBD Sugarpova Treats

SWEEPSTAKES PRIZE: Sugarpova Sweet & Tart Tower Short (A Tennis Triple Threat)

Every person who enters one of our brackets in 2016 will get an entry into a sweepstakes where 1 randomly selected winner will win the prize. EVERY tournament you play will enter you 1 entry into the sweepstakes. 


We thank all of our players for participating and wish everyone good luck!